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Corporate antropoloog


what I have to offer..

On this page, you can find an overview of the services I offer. I work as a researcher, consultant, director, coach and facilitator for teams, leaders, organizations and society.  

Feel free to contact me to get acquainted and learn more about my vision and experience.


Antropologische teambegeleiding
  • Inspiring team days and workshops

  • Interventions to solve conflict (dialogues) 

  • Identifying and getting rid of unwanted patterns

  • Collaboration and co-creation 

  • Healing interventions to solve collective trauma 

  • Building self-managing teams 

  • Coaching (along the line) for team leaders

  • Personal leadership training for teams


Leiderschap en Antropologie
  • Sessions and workshops on leadership, power, responsibility and change management

  • Coach and advisor for leaders (on the job) 

  • Developing leadership while staying centered

  • Styles of leadership and effectiveness 

  • Charisma and communication (power & love)

  • Combine your vision, mission and personality in order to lead authentically and effortlessly

  • Conflict resolution

  • Identifying patterns in the field where your leadership is expected or needed 

Personal leadership

Persoonlijk leiderschap
  • If you don't know what you stand for and who you are (with all your pitfalls and talents) then it becomes difficult to lead others - or yourself 

  • Journeys of discovery (in 1:1 trajectory or multi-day journey) to develop and deepen personal leadership

  • You discover and unravel your own patterns and motivations

  • You learn to communicate in a way that it comes across well and deepens connections

  • Your freedom and values are connected with your life story - unraveling your own patterns is valuable for leadership development

Campfires, journeys & ceremonies

Antropologische kampvuurgesprekken en dialogen
  • Guiding and designing campfire conversations & real dialogues

  • Leading (fire) ceremonies around farewells, marking new beginnings or gathering wisdom from the participants

  • Designing and deploying (new) rituals

  • Leadership trips and journeys 

Board room consulting

Boardroom consulting
  • Sparring partner and consultant in times of crisis, change and transformation 

  • Guidance during expansion  (mergers & growth)

  • Designing and facilitating leadership programs

  • Advice on interventions in cases of inappropriate behavior and 'reputation-damaging' cases

  • Advice on strategy and vision

  • Boardroom coaching for councils, boards and management teams

  • Alignment: strategy, structure & culture 

Qualitative research (Culture)

Antropologisch cultuuronderzoek
  • In-depth interviews with employees from all levels of the organization

  • Deepening of the structure, history, patterns and lifeline of the organization

  • Fieldwork  

  • Extremely rich interpretation of patterns, pitfalls, heritage, sore points, power distribution, lines of sabotage and internal relationships

  • Recommendations to follow up all findings: approach, interventions and dialogues

  • Tools to achieve balance in structure, culture and strategy so people can get on board

Safety, boundaries and trust 

Grensoverschrijdend gedrag en sociale veiligheid
  • Damaged relationships in the workplace can be felt by everyone - especially when it comes to harassment, violence or transgressive behavior. I guide conversations and dialogues that address the collective trauma

  • Interventions in case of violence (real dialogues with victims and perpetrators)

  • Advice and instructive sessions about unacceptable behavior and how to handle it

  • Advice on and fine-tuning of the code of conduct based on desired behavior and collective norms and values

  • Correcting behavior in the workplace is always the hardest part, there is (unfortunately) a lot of looking away. This has to do with fear. I facilitate conversations and workshops that address this and where everyone contributes

  • I also offer guidance in fine-tuning communication (in honest, true words to the outside world) in the event of harmful incidents

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