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Enlightenment is when a wave realizes it is the ocean. Thich nath hanh

Humans are not solitary creatures. People need each other. To stay safe and to achieve collective goals. In order to be successful, we have to work together.

People live in groups, networks and systems. We play our parts and have our roles within those systems. The better we understand why we do what we do, and how the group can function best – the more interconnection and trust will flourish.


Then, there will be room to unlock the true potential of individuals and the group.


I combine my anthropological views on humanity with the vast knowledge and experience, I've obtained from working in the corporate world and beyond. My goal is to share these perspectives with everyone. To inspire people, to give them a deeper and broader insight – to show them that seemingly complex matters are oftentimes quite simple. To distinguish the extraordinary from the ordinary. 

Do you want to gain real insight into the functioning and current culture of the organization, leadership and teams? 

I'd love to show you the way.  ​

Because of my anthropological background and years of commercial experience as a business consultant and brand strategist, I look at the entire playing field. Your playing field. The corporate culture, the norms and values of action, the rituals of sales, the relationships between people and their patterns.

Only when you understand why people behave the way they do and why projects always follow a certain course, you can make valuable changes. 

Changes in transition to a new system in which relationships flourish and collaborations improve.

A brand new course, with new structures and processes. And appropriate leadership. Then, a new culture will automatically arise. A fresh breeding ground for success, supported and carried out by all the people


How can I help?

people define culture, culture defines people 

The organizational culture determines the unwritten rules, norms and traditions that play a leading role in the success or failure of change processes. Changes that arise through reorganizations and innovations, through the introduction of new team members or work processes. All changes have a certain impact. On the people involved, but also on the culture. Trust and support are necessary for a successful transition.  


I map out the most important and relevant pillars. This will offer you a quick and thorough insight into the situation and the culture that forms the basis of groups. Whether the goal is to optimize a process or to improve cooperation between parties.

I offer you detailed analysis, clear insights and a solution-oriented answer based on my qualitative research. This way, you can take the steps that correspond with the undercurrent I've mapped out.

viral change

Companies are made up of people. In organizations and subgroups, people have certain roles and tasks. Collaboration is not easy. You have to understand each other, be able to combine different motivations and have shared objectives. This is quite difficult because people are inherently different. 

I can help you define the first steps towards viral change. Towards effective change, with an approach that matches the rhythm of the collective. Whether it's about designing rituals, finding or defining purpose or guiding a campfire conversation where real dialogue can take place.  

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